Growing the most beautiful cut flowers is a work of passion and each and every variety benefits from its own particularly light recipe. That’s why we created our SUPER CUT FLOWER FILMwhich we tweak to match the unique needs of your crop!


There are countless varieties of cut flowers grown around the world but the one thing they all have in common is that they have to be breathtakingly beautiful when they reach the consumer. 

Because all varieties are different designing just one light recipe for all cut flowers just isn’t possible. That’s why for our SUPER CUT FLOWER FILM we worked with the widest possible group of cut flower producers around the world growing the widest possible collection of flower varieties. 

This amazing commitment from our partners helped us develop recipes for all the major cut flowers. That’s why when we receive an enquiry for our SUPER CUT FLOWER FILM we work hard with you to understand your crop and what you need from it. We then modify our base film in just the right way to meet your crops exacting needs. 

Designing your film this way means we can help you control colouration and flower form, improve shelf-life and maximise stem weights. But don’t take our word for it. Come and talk to us today about your needs and let us astound you with just what is possible using our SUPER CUT FLOWER FILM


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We're particularly proud of our SUPER CUT FLOWER FILM and the benefits it provides our customers when it's fine- tuned for the particular variety they are growing. In Lilies we see higher yields and a visually stunning crop. In Asters time to harvest is reduced, stem weight increased and beautiful, deep colours are produced. We'll be adding more photos from our growers in the coming weeks so please check back.



All our products are manufactured to the highest possible industry standards because we know how important your crop is to you. Therefore we design our uv stabilisation package is tailored to the exact location it will be used taking into account light radiation and agrochemicals used meaning all our products far outperform anything currently offered by our competitors in terms of stability and lifespan.



Just as long as your order totals over 2 ton we'll happily produce your film to your own specific specification through our Design Your Own service.