For over a decade we've been at the forefront of developing The Science of light for global horticulture. Here's just a small sample of what this already means for our customers!


At LIGHTWORKS POLY we believe that by combining decades worth of commercial experience with cutting edge knowledge developed in partnership with some of the worlds most amazing crop scientists we can make anything possible. We specialize in (and enjoy a first-rate reputation for) providing unique advice on crop cover use to the global horticultural industry, from the small-scale producer growing unique and amazingly individual crops to the largest scale, multi-acre business who are primarily focused on supplying the major global export markets. 



For those farms that grow Hardy Nursery Stock under protection new generation crop covers can be used to improve yield and uniformity as well as quality and to reduce costs per unit area. Each crop type requires its own specific light environment which is why we're here to help. We'll design and manufacture a film tailored to your exact needs.






Producing the very highest quality cut flowers means delivering unrivalled visual quality, the highest  stem-weight and the longest possible shelf-life. However, all flower varieties are different so it’s important to know how the variety your growing will respond to the light it sees. Rest assured we’ve got the knowledge and products to help you make the right choice. 






Bedding plants need to be visually stunning but also have to conform to very strict height limits imposed by the supply chain. That’s why we designed products capable of controlling both quality and height simply through the clever manipulation of light. This amazing product uses light to trick bedding plants into remaining short and stocky and visually stunning reducing the need for chemical growth regulators. Quite simply the clever use of light!




Strawberries are one of our favourite crops to work with and of course enjoy! We've been working with our research and international grower partners on developing covers that ensure our customers get the absolute best out of their crop. Early picking, longer harvest periods and the very highest quality fruit. Truly amazing!  



Of all the crops we've worked with raspberries require the absolute perfect conditions for growth. That's why we've been working very hard for the past several years to understand exactly what this amazing crop needs and designed products to provide those conditions at every location around the world. 



Do you need a crop cover that helps produce amazingly uniform, shorter but stockier seedlings that possess the strongest possible leaves, improved root: shoot ratios, are truly ‘hardier’ and go on to produce the highest yields possible? Of course you do and we want to help you achieve that. 




If you're looking to grow the perfect baby leaf salad crop we're here to help you achieve just that. Amazing yields, true uniformity, deep colours and taste. Combine this with higher leaf strength to endure the wash process more successfully. That's what our  crop covers deliver each and every time. 




Producing herbs for essential oil extraction is all about finding that perfect balance between yields and quality. Potted herb plants must look amazing on the supermarket shelf too. Let us talk to you about just how amazing herb crops behave under our covers.



Earlier production and extended picking season. Reduced internode length and consequently higher yields. Couple this with exquisite taste and perfect fruit formation. Our next generation covers have it covered.




A great Asparagus crop produces the highest possible number of Class-A spears that have the most wonderful taste and texture. Let's show you what our crop covers can do for you.



We've been working with cucumber crops from the day one at locations across Europe and North Africa. We've been particularly successful in improving yields in cucumber crops so why not let us tell you about it.




  We've been working for several years with our international grower partners to understand how to design the very best light environment for courgette. We've made some amazing advances including how to use light to increase the number of female flowers  produced by shifting sex expression. Why not let us tell you about it?



Each and every green bean crop is different so we've been focused on how to improve quality, maintain shape and improve yields no matter where or when they are grown. We have some amazing success stories to share with you.




Higher yields, earlier picking of more uniform fruit and more mature fruit produced per plant. If it's peppers you're growing then let us talk to you about designing a product that will ensure a truly amazing crop.



Superior temperature and light management under our covers means up to 14 days earlier production due to reduced time to flowering and fruit set. Improved grape colouration in coloured varieties and expect to enjoy higher BRIX levels. Improved canopy management during fruit development means more marketable class-A fruit and more uniform fruit. A firmer grape and improved shelf-life. Just some of the benefits you should expect when we design a crop cover just for you. With grape we also work closely with you once your crop is covered to adapt your agronomy so that you get the very best out of your new cover.