Even the very best can be improved upon. That's why we believe in fuelling growth by constant innovation. 


Standing still in not in our nature. Here at LIGHTWORKS POLY we’re always testing the limits of what’s currently possible then pushing through those limits. We don’t do this alone of course. We work with teams of scientists and growers day in and day out to make ideas come to life and provide solutions to problems facing our industry. 

Because of our global reputation for being at the forefront of developing unique light recipes for the worlds major crops and manufacturing crop cover products that bring the benefits of those recipes to our customers we are involved in a wide variety of fundamental and commercial research around the world. 

LIGHTWORKS are only one of two industrial partners on a European Union funded project aimed at better understanding the role of light and food quality and its exploitation in global horticulture.

We help fund and supervise a number of PhD and Masters students who share our passion for better understanding of how we can use light to greatly improve protected crop production.

But the most exciting aspect of innovation is taking the knowledge we’ve built, turning it into exciting new products and seeing the benefits they bring to growers worldwide. There’s really no better feeling than standing with one of our customers in his greenhouse as they show us how our technologies have improved his business. 

If you’d like to talk to us about innovation in this area or become a partner we’re only an emailaway!

Lightworks is currently working on products that will unleash a revolution in crop cover technology allowing improved yields and much more sustainable production. A good thing too since the global middle class is set to balloon by over 3bn by 2050 and with it demand for the amazing fresh produce our customers grow all around the world!
— Dr Jason P Moore, Lightworks





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