Our products are based on light recipes developed over a decades worth of testing in partnership with some amazing growers around the world. We then manufacture those products using only the highest possible industry standards! 


Here at LIGHTWORKS POLY we’ve been developing light recipes for each and every one of the worlds high-value protected crops for longer than anyone we know. That’s because we trained as photobiologists (the science of how light effects plants) more than thirty years ago now. 

Then, about fifteen years ago, we realised that we could dramatically improve global protected crop productivity and quality using our knowledge and know-how. 

So, we set about testing and refining our recipes across the widest possible range of protected crops in partnership with some of the most forward thinking growers from around the world.

The results of those trials were nothing short of astounding. 

Our light recipes extended growing seasons, dramatically improved yields, pushed quality (including taste, colour, texture and shelf-life) beyond anything that is currently possible with any other crop cover product available today. Don’t take our word for it though; see what our customers are saying about our products

This is why LIGHTWORKS POLY we can rightly claim to produce the most advanced range of crop cover products on the planet. 

Couple those amazing products with our unique knowledge of how best to commercially apply light recipes for all crops at all locations and we can honestly say that we are the world leaders in next generation crop cover design and use.



All our products are manufactured to surpass even the highest international industry standards. We also run  stringent ongoing testing of every product before it leaves our factory because we want you to enjoy full confidence in your crop cover.



All our products offer the option of built-in anti-drip properties which significantly help reduce the risk of fungal diseases such as downy mildew and botrytis cinerara. Providing the film is installed correctly, water will condense uniformly across it rather than as droplets and both light loss and the risk of water falling on to the crop below is much reduced. 



Our diffusing films scatter over 85% of incoming light in the greenhouse which ensures maximum yields and a truly uniform crop. The technology that makes this possible was developed over a 10 year period through exhaustive commercial trials around the world. Unlike some other diffusing films on the market today our diffusing additives are guaranteed for the life of the film. But it's not one size fits all so we tailor our diffusing additive to your location. 


Manufactured to world leading standards 

Our manufacturing facility is state-of-the-art employing quality standards that far exceed our competitors. Our production team is highly skilled and committed to making sure that each and every product leaving our factory meets the highest possible standards. 



Our multilayer extruding technology and advanced thermic additives allow us to manufacture films with the most effective thermic properties of any product on the market today. This means that our products more effectively lock in valuable daytime heat throughout the night and so better protect crops from low temperatures  and reduce heating costs. 



Some manufacturers produce their films with just enough UV stabiliser for the location where they'll be used. We have a somewhat different philosophy and believe each and every crop is worth protecting as best we can. That's why we dose all our products with a UV stabilisation system designed to last 5 years even at Southern European latitudes using our very own  blend of  developed over three decades. We never take risks with your crop. 


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