LIGHTWORKS POLY is the only crop cover manufacturer in the world capable of supplying individual cover products designed to meet the needs of individual crops based on cutting edge crop science and exhaustive global field trials.

This means our customers enjoy extended picking seasons, significantly higher yields and unrivalled quality in terms of colour, taste and shelf-life every single time they use one of our products. 

We’re able to offer this unique service because we have dedicated the last two decades developing unique light recipes for all the world’s major protected crops. To achieve this we’ve worked with some of the most foreword thinking and innovated crop scientists and growers across five continents to uniquely understand exactly what type of light environment each and every crop thrives under. 

We’ve then pushed the limits of polymer chemistry to formulate unique crop covers to deliver a truly unique experience for our customers.  

All our products are designed in the UK and meticulously manufactured and tested to the very highest industry standards. 

This dedication to driving growth through constant innovation has led us to develop crop cover solutions that lead the industry in terms of product quality, durability and lifespan. Even the way we package our product for transport has been meticulously tested and refined to ensure your product arrives in perfect condition. 

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