We pioneered next generation crop covers capable with pioneering light recipes capable of maximising crop quality beyond anything previously possible. Our LIGHTWORKS SUN SMART can be manufactured as a clear or diffused cover for both greenhouse and tunnel production. Let us help you benefit from our unique knowledge with SUN SMART...!


LIGHTWORKS SUN SMART is a truly amazing crop cover, the result of the combined work of crop scientists from around the world over two decades. It will produce amazing results across a very wide range of edible and non-edible crops. 

This state-of-the-art cover balances the shape and type of sunlight entering the greenhouse in a way that produces some remarkable results for our customers. Improvements in crop hardiness and strength, optimised root development as well as incredible crop uniformity and yields are just some of the benefits of SUN SMART

In edible crops we developed SUN SMART to deliver earlier harvesting and higher yields, deliciously tasting produce with more vibrant colours and optimum shelf-life. 

In non-edible crops SUN SMART produces visually stunning crops that are at the same time hardier and perfectly uniform. 

SUN SMART is of course built on our very latest formulations and to the highest possible specifications but that’s not the whole story. 

Once you’ve settled on SUN SMART we'll set about designing all the other features that make the cover your own based on your location and unique growing system. We‘ll help you decide whether you need a clear or diffusing cover. If you chose the latter then we’ll manufacture it with just the right level of diffusion for the exact location you’re growing your crop. Then we’ll work with you to understand just exactly how thermic your cover needs to be to help smooth out differences in day and night time temperatures to reduce crop stress. But our design process doesn’t end there. 

Our unique commercial experience allows us to design your SUN SMART FILM with exactly the right uv stabilisation package for maximum product lifespan even in areas with high sulphur use. We’ll help you decide whether you need an anti-fog system for the area you’re growing in and what thickness of film best suits your needs right up to 200 micron thickness for greenhouse and low tunnel applications. 

Here at LIGHTWORKS the science and commercial application of light is our speciality and that's why there really is no one better placed to help you make the right decision  for your crop. Put your trust in LIGHTWORKS SUN SMART.



All our products are manufactured to the highest possible industry standards because we know how important your crop is to you. Therefore we design our uv stabilisation package is tailored to the exact location it will be used taking into account light radiation and agrochemicals used meaning all our products far outperform anything currently offered by our competitors in terms of stability and lifespan. 



Just as long as your order totals over 2 ton we'll happily produce your film to your own specific specification through our Design Your Own service.